New York State – Looser Laws on Medical Marijuana

According to the latest news, the state of New York will become one of the few to loosen the laws and regulations regarding the use of medical marijuana. Such a law has been introduced over a century ago and it looks like this state will adopt the new regulations as well.


Although some people might think that this way the law will become too forgiving, there will be only 20 hospitals that will be allowed to prescribe medical marijuana to patients with glaucoma, cancer, and other diseases approved by the health department.

Present Situation

At the moment New York has some of the tightest regulations regarding weed. As a result it has the most arrests regarding this substance. Having less than 25 grams of marijuana isn’t a criminal offence, but if it is viewable in public, it does become a criminal offence. In the past the governor has been against weed, but he claims that he did keep an open mind regarding the matter.

Other States

This news appeared after the states of Washington and Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana. According to some national surveys, about 58% of the population would support the legalization of the substance.

A Long Road Ahead of Us

Even though this is an important step towards legalizing “joy”, we’re still far from making it legal. However, the good news is that the people who truly need it will have the possibility to use it. It is a known fact that the Senate has been against this decision, but the governor has found a way to make things work.

Making it Public

The governor is supposed to make the news public in a short while. Although it will become official, some time will pass before the new law truly takes effect. For starters, the state will need a supplier of marijuana and they have to choose the hospitals that will be allowed to use marijuana for curative purposes.

Too Good to be True?

Some people claim that in fact this is a test for the authorities to see what kinds of effects such as action would have. If you are optimistic you might say that some of the officials are seriously thinking about legalizing marijuana.

At this point you may be for or against the decision. In case you are against it, you should think about all the people who need marijuana to make their pain bearable.