Studies Show Qigong Can Help Fight Stress and Anxiety for Adults

In case you would like to escape anxiety and stress, one of the best ways to achieve this is by practicing qigong. This will also increase your balance and flexibility. Originally qigong has been a form of self-defense, but it turned into a form of exercise that is used to treat different kinds of health conditions and stress.

Studies Show Qigong Can Help Fight Stress and Anxiety for Adults

So what is qigong?

Qigong involves numerous movements performed in a focused and slow manner and deep breathing. In fact this is a self-paced system. Similarly to yoga, the poses flow into each other with pause between them so that your body will be constantly moving. It has many different styles with emphasis on different methods and principles.

Can you do it?

This is a low impact exercise and it puts little pressure on the joints so it is suitable for the majority of people. A lot of people find qigong appealing because there is no need for any equipment, it can be performed indoors or outdoors, and alone or in a group.

Why would you try qigong?

If you practice regularly, qigong may be the first step you take towards a healthier lifestyle. The benefits of the exercise include increased aerobic capacity, decreased anxiety and stress, increased stamina and energy, increased muscle definition and strength, and increased balance, agility, and flexibility.

Surprising effects

Some of the studies suggest that qigong can also help improve the quality of sleep, lower the blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve the immune system, decrease joint pain, improve overall well-being, decrease the congestive heart failure symptoms, and reduce the risks of falling in case of elderly people.

Get things started

You could try renting videos of qigong or read books, but it might be best to look for the guidance of a qualified instructor. There are a lot of qigong classes that you could attend. You should know that the instructors need to be qualified in order to hold classes, so you should ask about the qualifications and certification of the instructor.

Why to attend a class?

A good qigong instructor can show you a wide range of positions and they can teach you how to regulate your breath. In the same time they can also teach you how to practice qigong in a safe manner, which is especially important in case you have some kind of injury.

If you find the benefits appealing, you should give qigong a try.