Why is Turmeric Powder a Miracle Spice

Turmeric is considered to be one of the most interesting spices of them all. It is used for producing curry powder; this is the plant that gives curry its yellow color and musky flavor. The plant has been used by practitioners for centuries especially for strengthening the stomach.

Why is Turmeric Powder a Miracle Spice

Cancer Prevention

According to the studies in the field turmeric can regulate cell growth by getting into the cell membranes and regulating the molecular pathways that cause the growth and spread of cancerous cells. As a result the cells will become less susceptible to infections and cancer.

The Kinds of Cancer that it Addresses

There are different kinds of cancers that turmeric can help with, including HNSCC, oral cancer, hepatic cancer, colon cancer, and even polyps. Naturally these findings are mostly based on studies performed with the help of animals and there might be small differences in case of humans.

Heart Health Benefits

The studies show that turmeric may be effective when it comes to treating people with increased homocysteine levels. In the same time the spice can also control the LDL levels in the body. High LDL levels can lead to atherosclerosis which can result in stroke and heart attack.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The good news is that turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties due to the CAMP levels. These properties might be important in case of trauma. This is because high blood loss can lead to an inflammatory reaction and this is something that turmeric can help with.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

There has been a trial conducted on humans during which all participants had to have a certain amount of turmeric on a regular basis. The researchers have found that these patients experienced an improvement of the painful symptoms compared to other patients.

Diabetes Prevention

It is interesting to know that the people belonging to the high risk groups regarding diabetes might benefit from the effects of turmeric. The specialists claim that the positive effects of turmeric are due to its anti-inflammatory effects. The trials conducted on humans show that it may be possible to avoid the onset of diabetes by using turmeric.

The most important ingredient of turmeric is curcumin that has been shown to have different kinds of positive effects regarding cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and inflammation. This is why a lot of specialists are focusing on using this spice in the view of its possible effects on different kinds of illnesses and diseases.