Ayurvedic Massage Is A Natural Treatment For Physical And Mental Problems!

Ayurvedic MassageAyurvedic massage provides relaxation, blood circulation and elimination of toxins.

Ayurvedic massage helps to rejuvenate (restore) energy. Ayurvedic oils are important for ayurvedic massage.

Ayurvedic massage oils are dhanvataram tailam, ksheerabal tailam, and maha narayana tailam.

Auromere and Esutras massage oils are used for ayurvedic massage.

Massage is like a passive exercise. Ayurvedic massage is important for the people who are weak and unable to do exercise.

Massage oil is selected according to season. Mustard oil and olive should be chosen in winter and you should not use in summer. Coconut oil and sun flower oil should be used in hot climate.

Individual massage oils such as babuna oil is used for giving relief over muscular pains. Coriander oil removes excess heat from your body.

Method of Ayurvedic massage:

If you are doing massage for your partner, you can start either from feet or head. First you apply the oil where you have to do massage. Then massage that part with palms till the oil is absorbed by the body.

Your massage motion should be uniform and you must employ only upward strokes. Ayurvedic massage is applied only to the muscles but not bones.

You have to do massage for different organs with different motions of fingers and hands. Massage should be done early in the morning and the person should be with empty stomach.

After massage is completed, the person should wait till 20-30 minutes before washing. Don’t feel anxiety, stress, anger and worry while you are taking massage. When you are doing massage, keep your concentration on massage part.

Why massage oils are used for ayurvedic massage?

If massage is done by rubbing the dry body; this creates friction and generates heat and pain. Due to this massage, the gases are distributed through out the body.

Massage oils will eliminate the friction and disperse heat uniformly through out the body. Massage oil act as nutrient for skin and will strengthen the nerve fibers connected to hair follicles.

What are the benefits from ayurvedic massage?

  • Ayurvedic message helps for internal functioning of the body.
  • It helps to clean the toxins in the channels.
  • It helps in both physical and mental levels of the body.
  • It helps in the case of lazy ness, weakness of nerves, exhaustion, dryness of skin, unhealthy skin and regain glow to your face.
  • When this massage is done for scalp, it improves memory and eye sight.
  • When you massage with this oil on any part of your body, this oil absorbs heat and keeps your body cool.
  • When you keep this oil and do massage slowly on your eye lids, then the eyes will be kept cool. If you keep oil on your eye lids at night, when you wake up early your eyes will not be painful.

Ayurvedic massage is used for any physical, mental and emotional problems. This is simple and easy that you can do for yourself.