Back Massage Tips

Back Massage Tips

Receiving or offering a back massage is always good, but it is even better if the person offering it knows what he or she is doing. This is why you might find the back massage tips useful. These are general guidelines that you can use regardless of which technique you opt for.

Raking technique

This is one of the most commonly used techniques of them all. It is great for beginner masseurs and it involves using the fingertips with the fingers apart. Start working at the shoulders and move them downwards with a raking motion. This way you can work on a larger area and one of the hands can work downwards and the other one upwards.

Tennis ball

Believe it or not, when thinking about advice for back massage you should really have a tennis ball at hand. You can roll it easily and be sure that it offers just the right amount of pressure without causing pain. The other person should lie on their belly and you have to roll the ball on their back, shoulder, neck and so on.


When your fingers start to get tired you should think of this one of the back massage tips. You can apply pressure to those hard to reach places. As a result, you will be able to offer a deeper massage. This way the advantages of the massage can be felt for a longer period of time.


Although you may know all about the back massage advice, they don’t really mean anything if you don’t have an open communication channel with the one receiving the massage. Everybody has different tastes in massages and you should adapt to the preferences of the receiver.


When it comes to the back massage tips, a lot of people prefer to use massage oils. This is because the oil decreases the friction on the skin and it also prevents hair pulling. However, you have to make sure that you don’t use too much of it.

Slow movements

Remember about the tricks for a good back massage that this isn’t something that should be rushed. Instead of fast movements opt for the slower ones that will have a calming and soothing response and that will provide the receiver with long lasting effects.

As you can see, the back massage tips are all about the one receiving the massage.