Foot Massage Techniques – For Yourself or a Partner

There are few if any people who don’t enjoy a good foot massage; which can be relaxing and therapeutic as well as enjoyable. Learning some foot massage techniques can be a good idea since they will enable you to give yourself as well as a partner a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.  The following foot massage techniques can be used to give yourself or someone else a foot massage –

Warm Up

Foot Massage TechniquesFirstly make sure that you or the person who is receiving a foot massage is comfortable so as to get the maximum benefit from the foot massage.

If you are using a lotion or oil for the foot massage make sure that you have enough wipes or towels at hand not to create a mess.

Then take some of the oil or lotion on the hands and rub them together to get the palms warm and ready for the massage.

You can then start by stoking the foot in long firm strokes to stimulate circulation there and to warm up the feet. You should be using a sweeping and rubbing action to help warm up the feet.

Thumb massage

This technique for foot massage is also referred to as ‘thumb walking’ at times, since it uses the thumbs to alternate with one another to create pressure.

The thumb can also be used to slide the length of the foot with firm pressure to relieve stress in the tendons of the foot.

Rotate the ankle

This is one the foot massage techniques that greatly relaxes the foot and works out the kinks to loosen the joints. Hold the ankle with one hand and use the other hand to grasp the ball of the foot to gently rotate the foot in circular motions several times in either direction. This foot massage technique is recommended for those with arthritis.

Toe rotation

Like the ankle rotation, this is also one of the foot massage techniques that help loosen and relax the joints in the foot working out the tension and cramping that long periods inside shoes can cause.

You can rotate the individual toes holding them with the thumb and index finger and also by gently pulling them. This should be done gently and in a way that always falls short of any kind of discomfort.

Massage the arches of the feet

A lot of tension can accumulate in the arches of the feet and concentrating attention there can help to give pleasure and comfort. Using the heel of the hand, apply pressure to this area to release tension.

This helps to release tension in the outer longitudinal as well as the inner arches of the feet. While you should use firm pressure, you should stop short of causing any kind of discomfort.

Foot massage techniques using your fist

Using kneading motions is a very effective foot massage technique, and can be performed much like kneading dough with pressing, rotating motions.

Making a fist of one hand, while using the other hand to keep the foot steady, work the entire area of the soles of the feet, using the knuckles in kneading motions.