Foot Therapy To Get Effective Relief From Tired And Achy Feet!

foot therapyDo you know the fact that multiple parts of foot are in communication with various parts of the body?

This is the principle behind foot therapy and is the paramount to maintain proper foot health.

Natural signal systems are utilized to create balance, improve your life energy and restore cells in your body.

Here are the tips to get relief from tired and achy feet:

Massaging your with feet effective massage technique really works for tired and achy feet. Massage your feet muscles and repeat the procedure for a few times in a day until you feel some relief.

But, the procedure needs to follow some principles in order to obtain accurate and positive results, the principles are such as:

  • The first step is choosing a foot lotion that has good healing properties.
  • Then begin massaging with the heel and sole of your foot. Massage from the bottom of the foot and then work upwards.
  • Press the achy areas with your thumb while massaging and also squeeze the feet.
  • Push in a forward motion while massaging the feet. Stretch your skin while continually applying pressure to the achy areas.
  • Use the knuckles in order to press across the bottom of your feet. So, you can get more intense massage and support healing.
  • Gently move with your fingers on the top of your feet. It is best to use the entire hand to work with the painful areas.
  • Massaging the ankle area gives excellent pain relief to you.