Kahuna – An Ancient Hawaiian Therapy

kahuna massageKahuna is an ancient Hawaiian massage, which is based on “lomi lomi” which means the loving touch.

It is believed that this type of massage has a connection between your heart, your hand, and your beautiful soul.

You will love the feel of this all over body massage. Kahuna massage offers a holistic way of healing. Its purpose is to balance your body.

This Hawaiian massage will affect how you feel emotionally, and physically, by targeting both your body and your mind. Techniques of Kahuna massage are many. After you experience a Kahuna massage you will feel like a new person.

Unique Massage

You will find that Kahuna massage is a unique massage. Your massage therapist will not only use their hands, but also their forearms and elbows, to perform this massage. They will move around your massage table, working your entire body.

This massage applies long pressure strokes to your body that feel fantastic. Kahuna massage is different, in that it does not use the typical isolated pressure finger massage. Your massage therapist will make your experience as awesome as possible.

Tranquil Environment

The environment of your massage will set your mood.  The ambiance of the room may include aromatherapy candles, lighting that is soft, and a room that is cozy and warm.

Your massage therapist will play wonderful soothing music during your treatment, so that you can release your mind and let your body relax.

Some massage therapists use wonderful smelling pure essential oils to help intensify your massage experience. He or she will spread warm oil onto your body, leaving you with a warm glow to your skin.

After your deep aromatherapy body massage is over, it is time for some quiet time. Your therapist will let you lie quietly in this wonderful room, after your massage is over, to let you absorb the tranquility of it all.

Benefits of Kahuna Massage

Your Kahuna massage will be very beneficial to your outlook on life. It will absorb negative feelings from your body, and will help you to think more positive. You will feel like you are finally in tune with your body.

Kahuna massage envelops your whole being and helps you to have a wonderful feeling of peace and calmness. Receiving this type of massage will help you to meditate on what is best in your life. The stress of your everyday life will slowly slip away while you are receiving a Kahuna massage.

Healing Properties

Healing properties will be found in Kahuna massage techniques. Kahuna massage lets your body’s energy to flow. The flexibility that you will feel during a Kahuna massage will be significant.

It will work to improve your digestive system. Your immune system will be increased. It will also help your respiratory system so you will be able to breathe better.

Kahuna massage is one of the best massages that you will ever experience. Make sure that you go to a reputable massage therapist.

You will want to ask what kind of qualifications they have for this type of massage. Find out this information so that you will receive a safe and beneficial treatment.