The Most Popular Massage Therapy Techniques

Using the right massage therapy techniques can really help a range of ailments. Massage is known to reduce stress and anxiety in measurable ways: studies have shown that cortisol levels can be halved with the help of massage.

Additionally massage can help reduce chronic pain, improve range of motion and even help cope with cancer symptoms and treatment side effects.

Swedish massage therapy techniques

The most commonly used massage technique in the West is Swedish massage. The main techniques used in Swedish massage are Effleurage (smooth strokes that help relax soft tissues), Petrissage (kneading or squeezing motions), Friction (more forceful movements that target deeper tissue and help break down scar tissue; improve blood circulation) and tapotemnet (tapping using the fingers, sides of the hands and with cupped hands).

Massage Therapy TechniquesThese massage therapy techniques help to improve range of motion, help with injury rehabilitation and pain management.

Ayurvedic massage

This type of massage bases itself on the Indian system of healing or Ayurveda. It often involves massage manipulation of the body by more than one massage therapist.

It uses heated oils infused with herbs and may also combine yoga, meditation and other herbal remedies as part of the therapy.

Shiatsu massage

This technique relieves blockages in the body’s qi or vital energy. This massage is performed by using specific finger pressure on the body’s various acupressure points.

Thai massage

This massage technique is thought to be an offshoot of Ayurvedic massage and also incorporates yoga positions. Some types of Thai massage also encompass acupressure.

Hot stone massage

In this massage therapy technique, water heated stones are used to apply heat and pressure to specific points on the body. The stones are placed at certain points along the spine of the person where they help to relieve stress and tension. They are also coated in oil and used to massage the body.

Other massage therapy techniques

Pain management is one of the most important aims of massage therapy. Deep tissue massage can help to relieve pain and stiffness associated with repetitive movement injuries.

Sports massage can help to heal from injury and also acts as a prophylactic therapy to prevent injury before, during and after sporting events.

Specific massage therapy techniques can be used for pregnant women to help relieve the pain, swelling and discomfort associated with those nine months. It can also help reduce stress and anxiety and help pregnant women cope with their problems without pharmaceutical interventions