Tips to Give and Receive Sensual Body Massage

Sensual body massage can be not only pleasurable but also therapeutic in nature – as it helps one feel touch and experience it better, it will also induce greater mental alertness by enhancing one’s perception of the senses.

Sensual massage can not only help a person heighten their sexual experiences, it can also bring about greater intimacy between individuals, and is sometimes used as part of couples therapy to let couples experience greater intimacy and enjoyment of each other.

Sensual Body MassageSensual body massage can also help relieve stress and make couples more inclined to intimacy which is good for the relationship as well as one’s health.

So while there is a strong overtone of eroticism of sexuality in this kind of massage, that is not the only facet of this massage and there are several therapeutic results of sensual massage that one can benefit from.

Here are some tips that can help you enhance the experience of giving and receiving massage –


Muted lighting to set the mood, or perhaps some scented candles can help to set the tone and get the individuals into the correct frame of mind for what lies ahead. Using body lotions or aromatherapy oils of high quality can be a great idea. This will help involve more of the senses in the massage.

Talk to each other so that each of you know what is about to follow is a sensual body massage so that there is no awkwardness. There should be towels and wipes in hand should they be needed – you don’t want to go hunting for them and spoil the mood.

Before you start the sensual body massage

Make sure that the other person in comfortable – is the light harsh or the bed uncomfortable? Also make sure that your hands are nice and warm, the touch of very cold hands can be jarring. Also consider whether you want the oils heated up a bit – warm is a good idea and may also help release the fragrances better; hot can cause discomfort.

Take the lotion or the fragrant oil into the hands and rub them to create warmth. Pouring hot oil directly on the skin that is to be massaged is not a good idea.

For the sensual body massage

Use long slow strokes that are unhurried and relaxed. The idea of a sensual massage is to create and enhance sensual awareness rather than offer physical therapy to relieve aches and pains. So the stokes have to be gentle and not apply too much deep pressure, unless you sense that the other individual is enjoying the firmer pressure.

Take your time and discover the other person’s body. Rather than focus on the generally accepted erogenous zones, pay attention to all the part of the body; who knows you and your partner may discover some brand new erogenous zones!

And it isn’t just the hands that you can use in your sensual body massage – the arms, elbows, even the feet and other parts of the body can be used to massage. The important thing is to be creative and enjoy the process rather than follow any set rules or guidelines.