Spa Therapy That Helps With Back Pain

spa therapyIf you suffer from back pain, then you know how awful it can be. Relief is sometimes non-existent.

You may have tried everything you can think of to eliminate this aggravation.

Your physician has probably prescribed you pain relievers, and muscles relaxers, that only work for a short time, and then you will have to take more.

You may have even been to the chiropractor looking for some form of relief. Feeling as if you are running out of options can be depressing.

There is another therapy that you may not have tried yet, and that is spa treatment therapy. This therapy can include deep tissue massage and wraps that will take away your pain for the moment.


Massage that includes aromatherapy will help your whole body to relax. When your whole body relaxes, it will help in reducing your back pain. [back pain relief]

Many different aromatherapy oils applied during an aromatherapy massage loosen up your skin around your muscles. Some of the aromatherapy oils that are used are chamomile and lavender. This works to alleviate tension and back pain.

Stone Massage

Massage, using stones, is a very special treatment. Spas offer this type of service. A massage therapist will warm up flat stones, and place them on your hurting back.

Your massage therapist will know where trigger points are in your body, and they will place these accordingly. These stones will put off heat and make your entire body feel good.


Some spas are now offering acupuncture treatment. This treatment also uses trigger points to relieve pain and stress. Very small needles, placed in certain places on your body, will help to stop your back pain. Acupuncture treatments do not hurt and can only help you.

Using Reflexology to Reduce Pain

Reflexology is a treatment that has been around for centuries. It is the art of putting pressure on the points on the bottom of your hands and on the bottom of your feet. These points lead to other areas on your body.

Your reflexologist will find the places on your body that seem to be out of balance. When your massage therapist massages the points on your hands and feet it will help your body to feel much better.

Hydrotherapy and Back Pain

Hydrotherapy has been around for a very long time and is a form of treatment. This therapy takes place in a swimming pool or whirlpool and any other place where there is enough water. The affects that you get from the hydrotherapy will depend upon the temperature of the water and the water’s movement.

Resistance is the key to hydrotherapy. It is a great therapy to relieve your back pain. Water therapy is one of the best therapy treatments for chronic back pain.

There are other types of spa treatments such as yoga and Pilates. Each one offers its own form of treatment for back pain relief. They both will work to strengthen your back so you will not have so much pain.