The Ancient Art Of Chinese Massage And Its Benefits

Chinese massage, also known as Tui Na, is a form of massage therapy that dates back 2,000 years in China. During the Chinese massage, traditional medicine and massage techniques are applied to help the body freely flow the Qi.

It is based on Chinese medical theories that just like a globe, the body has meridians through which energy, or the Qi, passes through.

ancient art of chinese massageIf there is a blockage in any of the meridians, this causes sickness or ailments, hence the purpose of Chinese massage is to unblock those passages and bring the body back to balance and achieve equilibrium.

Unlike other forms of massage, Chinese massage is not intended to be used for achievement of relaxation.

It is an art that has been developed to treat and heal internal and external ailments in the body. It addresses ailments on a holistic approach, intending to find and treat the root cause of ailments instead of simply curing the symptoms.

Techniques and methods

A practitioner of Tui Na makes use of hands to treat the patient. Combinations of other traditional forms of Chinese therapy may be used, such as acupuncture, herbalism, Tai Chi, among others.

In Chinese traditional medicine, the body has 8 gates wherein the joints are located. The practitioner will use their hands to rub, knead, or massage these areas to soften up tendons and muscles to open up the systems and allow the energy to freely pass through.

To enhance the process of Chinese massage, tools such as herbs, liniments, compress, and salves may also be used.

Chinese traditional medicine also states that various methods may be used, such as the rolling of hands throughout the body, the use of one finger to push in order to treat internal ailments through acupressure, and bone setting which is used to heal ailments in the musculoskeletal system among others. If you are looking for an alternative method of treatment to aid you, you should give Chinese massage a try.

Benefits of Chinese massage

  • The use of Chinese massage can help one have speedy healing for bruises and injuries. It will also aid in the removal of scar tissue.
  • It will increase your flexibility and overall posture, because the therapy is focused on loosening up tight muscles and joints.
  • Therapy has been recognized as effective in treating emotional distress, as well as stress which can cause blockages within one’s musculoskeletal system.
  • Chinese massage has been designed to address problems with internal organs, and can be used with other traditional techniques to fully heal a patient.
  • Blood circulation and regulation of the nervous system are significantly improved after one or a few sessions of therapy.
  • If you are sickly, you can make use of Chinese massage to improve your overall well-being and use it as a form of preventive care to ensure higher immunity against future disease.
  • Chronic pain can also be effectively cured through Tui Na.