Top Three Most Relaxing Oriental Massages

Thai massageOriental massages are becoming more popular every day. These massage techniques were developed in Far East.

This type of massage serves as an ancient ritual that can help in maintaining and restoring good health and well being of anyone.

It can also boost a person’s energy system and that is the reason why it is preferred by most people. There are different kinds of oriental massages. Here are the top three.

Thai massage: This is common and available in any health spa today. It dates back from thousand years ago and was conceptualized by Buddhist monks from Thailand. It was developed by different massage therapists that made it what it is today.

There are a lot of benefits of Thai massages. It can relieve joint and muscle tension. It can increase your flexibility. It uses pressure points combined with different breathing methods as well as stretching techniques. This kind of massage is somewhat described as lazy yoga. You let your therapist do the stretching.

They often help you achieve different positions. They do this while you control your breathing.

You can definitely strengthen your nervous system with this kind of oriental massage. Also you can energize and relax your body.

Shiatsu massage: This kind of massage was developed in Japan. This is quite similar with Chinese acupuncture. But instead of needles, it uses fingers. The word shiatsu means finger pressure.

The main aim of this oriental massage is promoting physical well being as well as energy by using the fingers, thumbs, palms and hand. Pressure is applied in the key points of the body. This is the most relaxing thing in the world and it is commonly preferred by people

Indonesian-Javanese massage: This is a not so familiar Asian massage. The therapist hands including the knuckles are used when massaging. This also kneads the body muscles.

You can do this using massage oils. This could be quite painful however it is relaxing and refreshing. You can benefit from it in the long run.

The massage is effective especially on the body’s nerves and muscles. You can relieve back pain as well as muscle tension.

The best about the oriental massage is that it has conquered the entire world introducing the Western civilization to a world where 30 minutes of peaceful treatment can refresh the mind, and the body, improves the focus, boost the health and help the body heal from any kind of pain it may experience whether it is big or small.