What’s the Deal with the Trigger Point Massage?

The trigger point massage is something that is debated in many massage circles because there are people who argue that trigger points on the body do not even exist. Obviously the people who give these massages disagree with that statement, and they use their customers as the basis for their argument. Whether the trigger points on the body really exist does not matter because these type of massages are still a great source of relaxation and stress relief.Trigger Point Massage

The main idea behind the trigger point massage is that there are certain points on the body where calcium buildup occurs and that calcium makes the nerves and muscles in that region act rather strange. This theory is still being researched by various people around the globe, so you should not take it to be straight fact. One of the top researchers from many years ago was actually former President John F. Kennedy who suffered from severe back pain for much of his life.

There are people like John F. Kennedy and his doctor who think trigger point massages are very beneficial for the body and then there are people who think it is all a bunch of pseudoscience. You have to carefully examine the body to find certain trigger points, so don’t expect this type of massage to happen too easily. One of the main problems with trigger points is that they are usually located in regions filled with deep pain.

The details of the trigger point massage

You will sometimes notice when you are preparing for a trigger point massage that some parts of your body actually refer pain. This means that when you press down on a certain part of the body you will actually feel the pain in a completely separate region. This may seem like quite a strange phenomenon but it definitely happens to many people around the world on a daily basis.

Massages that involve trigger points are not something that is talked about in most schools and there are definitely a large group of people who do not agree with the treatment. That is why this type of massage is usually categorized as a type of alternative therapy. You don’t have to follow the rest of the crowd if you think there may be something to these trigger point massages, so don’t feel embarrassed to try something new.

Wait until the research comes in

There are plenty of researchers looking into the viability of alternative treatments such as the trigger point massage, so you could always wait until the research is done until you make your decision. The only problem with this train of thought is that you may end up missing a few years of massages that could have had endless benefits. For this reason and others, it may be best to try the massage out for yourself and see if it works for you. It likely won’t work for everyone, so you may want to find out if you can get some positive results from it for now.