What are the Deep Tissue Massage Side Effects?

A deep tissue massage is a kind of a massage which helps in relieving the muscle tension. This massage is quite similar to the popular Swedish massage but is focuses on the deep layers of the tendons and the muscle tissues.

This massage involves the application of intense pressure which might cause initial soreness but eventually proves to be very effective and useful for those who have had experiences with extreme muscle tension, stiffness and pain.

A deep tissue massage might seem like a good option for relaxation and pain busting but there are many deep tissue massage side effects as well. The following part of the article will throw light on a few of them:

What are the Deep Tissue Massage Side Effects


A deep massage can cause headaches in some people. Though this is a rare after effect of a massage of this kind but may result due to the inappropriate or incorrect positioning of the body during the massage.

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is a common side effect or after effect of a massage which focuses on the deeper tissues of the body. The muscle pain happens as a result of the stimulation of the muscles and occurs in those individuals who are not used to getting a deep tissue massage done. The pain occurs because the muscles that are not used to getting triggered, release a certain hormone which causes feeling of pain. The muscle pain eventually subsides but one must be careful about avoiding rigorous massage done.

Muscle soreness

Soreness of the muscles is also a common after massage effect of a deep tissue therapy. Almost 10% who have got a deep tissue massage have reported experiencing soreness of the muscles which dies of after a few days.


It is common for some people to feel a little nauseated after getting a deep body massage done. Nausea results from the fact that when a deep tissue massage is done, the muscles release a lot of toxins which are drained in to the blood stream. The rise of the toxins in the blood makes a person feel nauseated. This feeling can be overcome by drinking a lot of water after getting the massage done because water helps the body to get rid of the excess toxins.

Other Side Effects

Some other after effects include stuffy nose, cold, fatigue, tiredness, irritability, increased perspiration and thirst and a frequent need to urinate.