All About Christian Meditation Techniques Exercises

The main point of the Christian meditation techniques exercises is to connect with the Lord on a spiritual level.

While these techniques are somewhat similar to the other ones, they reject the idea of having an empty mind.

Instead, they make people focus on the Lord.

Christian Meditation Techniques Exercises

Information about the exercises of Christian meditation techniques

According to these techniques, people should purify their ego and minds so that they will experience a spiritual connection to the Lord. This kind of meditation is suitable for those who don’t agree with the eastern philosophy because they can meditate within the boundaries of Christianity.

The book

There is a book regarding the exercise techniques of Christian meditation written by James Finley that explains everything in depth. All kinds of Christian meditations start with sitting in an upright position.

Usually the sessions last for 20-60 minutes. You can have a teacher to guide you, or you could be on your own.

The teacher

If you opt to have a teacher regarding the Christian meditation techniques exercises, there will be someone to guide you and to make sure that your mind won’t wander. Normally the instructions are interspersed with silence so that you will be able to make a connection to the Lord.


When thinking about the Christian meditation exercise techniques it is good to know that there are several different ones that you should choose from based on your state of mind. For instance you may contemplate on some of the verses of the scriptures.

In the same time when using the Christian meditation techniques exercises you can focus on a Mantra, like Ma-Ra-Na-Tha. This means ‘Lord Has Come’. This way you can be sure that your mind won’t wander and it will focus on the Lord. Another idea is to focus on a devotional phrase.

If you are a visual person, when it comes to meditation of this kind you could try to visualize the Light. In case you happen to be more kinesthetic, you should try to express your gratitude and love for the Lord.

Patience is an important aspect for the Christian meditation’s exercise techniques. The main point in this case is to purify the mind and to reach greater forgiveness. Try to let go of the negative feelings.

There is a lot to know about Christian meditation techniques exercises. This is a practice that everybody should try at least once in their life.