Wonder of Five Senses Meditation

It has been a proven fact that our sensory impressions are very vital to health. Our body is made up the same molecules like that of the universe and are in unison following the same principles. There is always an exchange of energy between your body and the universe and so you are continuously taking the input through your five senses.

It is possible to awaken your five senses-sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, through the technique of meditation. Meditation is not necessarily always related to enlightenment but can be used for simple relaxation. Through meditation you can train your senses and lead a healthy life.

wonder of five senses meditation

Five Senses

If used just for relaxation technique, meditation can easily take you to state of calmness and this is exactly where the five senses come into the scenario.

Refreshing Sights

Visual impact is always the most profound one. It has a direct impact on your mind and body. A violent movie or anything full of violence is sure to trigger your mind with negativity by suppressing the immunity system. On the other hand a peaceful image will sooth your neurochemicals and relaxes your mind and body. Beautiful things around you will uplift your mood and that is exactly what you need to remain healthy.

Soothing Sound

Sound is no different from sight. As your body and mind reacts to beautiful image so does your auditory senses. A beautiful piece of music can take you to a peaceful state of mind whereas a chaotic situation will have an adverse effect. The best example is the city life where you are always stressed out and have low immunity due to all kinds of pollution. Moreover it is your body type which determines what kind of sound is good for relaxation and meditation.


Nothing but smell, considered to be the most primitive among all the senses, correlate you with your emotions, instincts and memories. Your body begins to associate amiable feelings with the fragrance and the same odour will awake your inner response. Placing incense and meditating in your room will help you to relax your mind. Smell of natural things like grass, soil, pine forest everything boosts your immunity. So never hesitate to meditate even when your favourite pie is baking.

Savouries (Taste)

Each of the six tastes-sweet, salty, sour, bitter, astringent and sour has exclusive effect on your body and mind. A combination of all the tastes makes you satisfied and energized otherwise you will find yourself munching at regular intervals. As the taste of any food last for a small duration you need to have something to distract you from munching and thus keep you healthy.

Tea is one such ingredient that is considered to be one of the best aids for meditation. You can place the cup at face level and then make use of elbow straw. Use the meditation technique by using your mouth to sip the tea very slowly. Even chewing of gums in a rhythmic manner is a good way to meditate and relax your muscles and nerves.

Relaxing Touch

Touch is the basic of healthy body and to lead a satisfied life. The sense of touch is well connected with our moods. When you come in contact with something which has loving and relaxing touch, your body releases healing chemicals. These chemicals in turn improve the immunity system by improving blood circulation and ensure a peaceful sleep.

You can find serenity all around you and for this you just need to know the right way of meditation.