Follow The Meditation Mantra For Focus And Memory

meditationWe live fast lives today. It has made us quite irritable and restless. Much of what we eat is synthesized or purely junk.

This plays with our body metabolism. Our brain does not get sufficient oxygen and thus our power to focus and memory suffers.

This brings us to a paradox as today is the age when you need these powers the most. You lead hectic office life and have many kinds of duties on your shoulder.

How can you plan to do it without the right concentration and unobstructed memory? This is where meditation comes to the rescue.

Meditation is the process by which you go deep inside your subconscious and try to get tranquility and peace which can fight the friction of everyday life.

The idea is to get in unison with your soul and create mental and spiritual channels through which you can reach to your inner light.

Simply put, meditation brings you closer to the superhuman that resides within all of us. Once, you start doing meditation techniques, you automatically become a lot calmer, you get your energies back in some while [Meditation benefits].

You are better focused and you can think of a situation in its best perspective. It increases your emotional quotient and gives you the power to deal with adverse situation.

It also sharpens your memory a lot and lets you use all the intelligence quotient at your disposal. What’s the best way to do mediation? Let’s ponder.

Choose a special place where you can sit for some time everyday. Meditate at the same place. This is done so that you get steadiness inside you. Shuffling regularly creates a finicky nature which meditation guards against.

Try thinking about something; it can be anything. It can be the light within you for which the best visual metaphor is a flame shining in your heart.

You can also think of an unfurled lotus with all its petals at the centre of the pond. The idea is to keep concentrating on the same object throughout the process of meditation.

We are not ascetics and our minds will be set astray but each time you need to comeback. Slowly, the deviation would lessen.

Also, the time allotment for meditation practice is to be increased each week. Do not go for long stretches in the beginning. It can impact you adversely.

Mediation can answer the problems we search answers to.