Learn About the History of Meditation Therapy

The history of meditation therapy started thousands of years ago when this practice became an important part of people’s spiritual lives.

While it was important in the past, it has a role to play in the modern days as well and it doesn’t matter whether you are spiritually inclined or not.

History of Meditation Therapy

Renaissance of the practice

The earliest records that we have of this practice come from China and they were created around 5000 BC. In India the first written records found date back to 1500 BC. The practice spread all the way to Greece by 750 BC. We can be sure that people were practicing meditation even before they created records of it.

Surprising information

It is interesting to know about the meditation therapy history that almost all cultures have some kind of meditation. Although usually it is associated with the Eastern cultures, in fact it is a long-lasting and widespread phenomenon. This means that the practice is tested and tried.


The knowledge that they gathered is an important part of the therapy through meditation history that was handed down for generations. In some cases the information traveled by the word of mouth or through written means. As a result there is a lot of available information.

What do we know?

In case you are thinking about history of meditation therapy you can be sure that you can find a lot of information about the advantages of meditation, the way you have to do it and what are the traps that you should make sure to avoid. Meditation is known to be reliable and safe.

The 1800s

During the 1800s the world was ruled by the Christian philosophy. However there were some people who went beyond this philosophy and chose a transcendental practice.

There are a lot of authors who studied the history of meditation therapy in depth. You will find in their works the answers to all of your questions. Before starting to practice meditation you might want to find out a bit about it.