How Chakra Healing Affects The Seven Chakras Of Your Body?

Chakra HealingHow to balance the chakras of our bodies? Chakra healing is the art of balancing the seven important energy centers in our body called chakras.

To perform chakra healing one can use different types of tools such as stones or meditation.

In order to understand chakra healing first you must know about chakras.

The seven main chakras are located on the spinal column and there are many secondary chakras also.

These secondary chakras are located through the energy path ways of the body.

The secondary chakras only affect the physical state of the body. The major seven chakras affect your mental and emotional state as well as physical.

In chakra healing the practitioners make your chakras vibrating and spinning properly at a proper rate and frequency for your perfect well-being.

Here is a simple reference about the seven chakras and their uses.

The purple chakra of the crown: It is located on the top of your head which you know as soft-spot in small babies. It helps in managing thoughts, universal identity, and orientation to self knowledge.

Chakra healing heals this chakra and brings knowledge and wisdom, understanding yourselves and a deeper understanding of others and you place in the universe.

While doing meditation, sit with purple stone on this chakra, and wear a purple cap during the rest of the day.

Brow chakra: This is the six known chakra and is violet in color. Sometimes it is also referred to as the third eye chakra. It is about typical identity, light and self reflection.

It is related to being able to see physically a deeper meaning or bigger picture than a situation originally meant. Lapis stone works best for this chakra healing.

Blue chakra: It is the fifth known chakra and is located in the throat. It is related to communication and self expression. This is an important chakra for healthy body and is used to experience the world around you through the use of vibration. Blue topaz works for this chakra healing.

The heart chakra: It is green in color and exists in the upper chest, near the heart. It is the middle of the seven and used to represent love, self acceptance, social identity, and air. Mind and body, male and female are represented at this chakra.

Through the chakra healing a healthy heart explores quality and kindness, compassion, peace, and centeredness. Emerald and malachite stone are used for this chakra healing.

The solar plexus chakra: It is generally yellow in color but sometimes turns to orange. It used to represent fire, ego identity, and self definition. This chakra helps in ruling will and metabolism. Use amber stone for this chakra healing.

Emotional chakra or second chakra: It is orange in color and is located in lower abdomen near the lower back. It represents water and self enjoyment or sexuality.

Feeling, desire, sensation, and movement can be healed through this chakra and has the ability to accept the change. Ruby or garnet can be used to this chakra healing.

First chakra: Earth, grounding, physical identity, and self preservation are administered by this chakra. It is red in color and is located at the base of the spine. It is related to your sense of survival and grounding into earth.

This chakra healing promotes health and prosperity and a sense of presence and security. Use hematite or tiger’s eye for this chakra healing.