Insight Meditation- Helps To Bring Calmness In Your Mind!

Insight meditationInsight meditation belongs to the comprehensive body of teaching Dharma, depth awareness, inner peace, emotional and psychological insights.

Though it has been for a long time, the benefits of Insight Meditation is recognized and being practiced by many in now-a-days.

Professional sport persons are using this to increase focus and attention towards their play and have derived the results.

Insight meditation practice effectively helps you to bring calm and clarity state of mind in this daily life pressures. The entire practice is a mental training, uses to develop healthy mind.

How insight meditation can be practiced?

All you need to have is “focus of your mind on your body”. If you are starting “Insight Meditation”, you need to see for a place which will not give you many distractions from the process of Vipassana.

Time is important: If you have just started to meditate, maintain a specific time. This will help you to accustom to the process of meditation. Early in the morning hours or after your work session spare a time of 15 minutes to meditate.

As you have just started the meditation, this is the brush up session. As the time goes on, you get accustomed to the meditation time and you can increase the time as per your schedule.

Awareness of the body: Sit straight without straining your spinal cord. Leave all the tensions- gather your attention on to your body. Allow the eye lids to half close or close them completely without pressurizing them to close.

The posture in which you sit to meditate also pays a lot. Select a good posture of sitting which suits you. Lotus, half lotus and cross-legged postures are preferred while meditating.

Choice less awareness: After calming your mind, start grabbing attention on to the body. While the grabbing of attention on to your body starts, observe the flow of images in your subconscious state of mind.

Notice for the aversions and fascinations- they will give you an idea about your state of mind. If you see pleasant pictures, you have a pleasant and happy state of mind and vice versa with the other in the case of unpleasant pictures.

Grab your attention to breathing: As the time moves on, you get an idea on “insight meditation”. Move your attention from the body to breath.

At this stage- your mind wanders, let it wander, but slowly bring your mind attention to the breath. Do not bug up, have patience while distracting the attention from other diversions on to your breath.

Regular practice of insight meditation will derive the benefits of:

  • Decrease high blood pressure to normal.
  • Decrease in the heart rate (an increase in heart rate cause heart attacks.)
  • Boost up in the feeling of well being is developed
  • Reduces unnecessary anxiety
  • Reduces fatigue and boosts up positive energy
  • Reduces depression symptoms
  • Works very good in stress relaxation therapy
  • Stimulates the area in brain which is responsible in calming the mind
  • Immunity system is strengthened to fight against diseases

True insight meditation comes from observations, experiences, knowledge and understanding yourself.

Meditation helps you in possessing physical relaxation and spiritual blissfulness. The more experience you gain in “insight meditation”, you can heal yourself, reduce pain and learn stress management.