Meditation for Beginners – A Step-by-Step Approach to Practice Meditation

Most of the things in your life are simple to say but are not easy. Among those, meditation is one thing. Though, it sounds simple, meditation for beginners is not that easy to practice.

MeditationBreath meditation is the foundation and a starting point for progressing to finer and deeper meditation techniques and is the base of meditation for beginners.

Most of you may think how hard it can be to just sit in a single position for a long time.

For some days meditation for beginners would be a very difficult task and completely contrast to how you normally conduct your daily life.

Symptoms of meditation for beginners:

  • You will notice some symptoms like leg pain and your lower back will screaming.
  • In the initial days it will be hard for you to focus your attention on one thing.

Benefits of meditation for beginners:

  • Meditation for beginners is very beneficial, it makes you calm, more relaxed and relieves tension.
  • It also helps in discovering inner levels of yourself whenever you reached to more advanced stage of meditation.
  • Meditation for beginners helps in knowing what is going on inside of you. It improves awareness and ability to focus.

Step-by-step approach to meditation for beginners:

  • Set proper time and sit aside to meditate when you know you are not rushing to do something.
  • Choose a posture that will allow your back to be straight without strain. Either you can sit on a chair or on the floor with cross legged. Ensure that you are in a comfortable position and a dim light room and the incense was a good start.
  • Gently close your eyes but it is not necessary. If you want to open your eyes then choose a piece of wood with the grain. Sit in front of the wood grain and watch it as you slowly inhale. Inhale through your nose slowly and hold, exhale slowly out through your mouth and count it as one and continue. Try it for 5 full minutes.
  • Gather your attention and slowly move down through your body, starting at your head. Make sure that everything around you is very calm and relaxing.
  • Allow your thoughts, ideas, and memories to drift in and out of the mind without following them.
  • Your attention should be totally on your breath; allow it to come from your lower abdomen. Observe the rise and fall of the abdomen while you are breathing. Focus your mind on the sensation of the breath, on the movement of the abdomen and observe how it is difficult to focus your mind on these simple things. This practice of focusing your attention can easily allow you to focus attention more sharply.

This whole process develops mindfulness, patience, and insightful understanding.

In this way practice for the first month or so, and allow yourself time to learn how to breathe. You can also choose sound that you say while you are meditating. Meditation for beginners is a wonderful preventative exercise in medicine. It sends good feelings and warmth to others.