Meditation Music of Ancient Egypt

One may readily express skepticism at meditation music that is claimed to be reproduced as per ‘Ancient Egypt’; however the Meditation Music of Ancient Egypt as developed by Gerald jay Markoe is proving to be quite popular.

Markoe, who has studied at Juilliard as well as the Manhattan School of Music, has also studied meditation and astrology. He brings in combined knowledge of these different disciplines to his music.

meditation music of ancient egyptHis specialty is the ability to translate the positions of celestial objects such as the planets into music. He also offers customized compositions according to an individual’s astrological sign.

His first commercial album was Music from the Pleiades, based on the poster of the constellation.

Thereafter he has shown his ability with baroque music as also Native American music.

He has worked with Cuzco medicine man, a Navajo flautist and the Four Mountain Singers. His earlier meditation albums include work with Alma Daniel and Stacey Dean.

One meditator has described his music as being able to transform her into a priestess and her camped little apartment into a temple! It is recommended for meditation, yoga and even sleep. The music is a useful accompaniment for meditation because it is able to transport the person in terms of time and space.