Meditation: The Art of Clearing Your Mind Completely

You may already know that meditation is good for your health. You can find different types of meditation techniques but the main misconception is one that can now be cleared up once and for all.

MeditationFor learners and beginners there are numerous CDs and tapes available which will help you to switch off from the everyday thoughts and pressures and it takes your mind into a completely different world of relaxation.

There is word called ‘journey’ which is used frequently in connection with meditation. This means paying attention to someone who directs your thoughts to think of different things other than from day-to-day thoughts.

You can find several breathing exercises for meditation. The art of clearing the mind is applicable for the more advanced meditators.

Benefit of breathing in meditation:

  • Breathing exercises in meditation are very powerful, because they oxygenate your blood, improve physical energy, and help in aiding though process.
  • Breathing provides an easier access to focus and concentration.

Here is a simple breathing exercise:

Gently close your eyes; take 2-3 deep breaths from the bottom of your stomach and release energetically. Follow this procedure by breathing normally. Slowly count inhalations and exhalations. Once you become familiar with this method, try by holding a single breath for 3 counts and out for 3 counts. Increase the count as you feel more relaxed.

After feeling relaxed and stress free you may choose to drift off to a beautiful scene where you can imagine yourself walking or laying with a very calm feeling.

Still feeling insecure? Why don’t you try meditation with all your friends? Choose a room which is calm, dim the light, and add some candles, and play a meditation CD or tape, gently close your eyes. Allow your mind to follow the journey and relax…

There is no need to adopt the lotus position. Sit comfortably on a chair or on the floor, with your back supported and your hands relaxed on your lap or at your side. It is also a good position for your mind to stroll back to everyday matters. Let the thoughts flow through your mind and return to the meditation journey that you are listening.

Meditation is the most powerful healer. Try it out and discover what type suits you best.