Transcendental Meditation Helps Children With Learning Problems

transcendental meditationTranscendental meditation or TM is believed to alleviate disorders such as attention-deficit hyperactivity in children, as well as improving and altering other body functions, such as hormone regulation, nervous system and breathing.

This technique is relatively simple; the patient is made at ease, with his eyes closed, while repeating a sentence or word in his mind over and over again, in order to appease his mind and body.

Researchers have found that children can easily apply this meditation technique and that it is very effective in improving their attention, memory and general behaviour.

During a study researchers taught a group of children with problems in language and learning, how to apply the TM technique. Twice a day, every day for a period of ten minutes they meditated using this technique, resulting in an improved level of stress and anxiety.

The teachers also found a remarkable improvement during classes, and were able to teach with less interference.

Larger studies must be carried out to determine whether TM can be effectively used as a cure for ADHD patients, either as the only therapy or in conjunction with other regular treatments.

Experts regard this sort of therapy as promising for all children with ADHD, as it is simple to use and is specifically adapted to children, and could considerably improve their condition.