What Is Heart Chakra Meditation and Heart Chakra Meditation Techniques

Heart chakra meditation techniques are based on the Yogic and Tantric concept of various chakras (literally meaning turnings or wheels or circles). The concept of Chakras in Buddhist and Hindu traditions can vary in terms of positions and hierarchies; however there is a common understanding that they symbolize the rotation of Shakti (power or energy) within the body.

In this post we look at what exactly is heart meditation and also take a brief look at the heart chakra meditation techniques.

What is heart chakra meditation?

The chakras are the energy centers of the body and these are thought to influence thoughts, feelings, emotions and even physical health and fitness. Cosmic energy is thought to flow through the chakras, which in turn affects our activities, moods and health.

The chakras can become imbalanced due to stress, emotional problems, traumas or grief. Realigning these chakras can help to bring balance back into life; to replace sadness, grief and stress with joy, peace and wellbeing.

Heart chakra meditation techniques are meant to open and realign the heart chakra and are thought to be the most effective for realigning all the chakras within the body. The heart chakra or the Anahata Chakra is thought to impact the body’s immune system and circulatory systems. This chakra can be negatively affected by stress, which can impact one’s feelings, relationship with others as well as one’s self image.

Heart chakra meditation techniques

Sit upright on the floor or in a straight backed chair. Open the chest and bring the palms together at chest height with the knuckles of the thumbs pressing into the chest wall. Breathing should be deep and even; the eye soft or lightly closed. Focus your attention on your breathing, the beating of your heart and the feeling of thumbs pressing in upon your sternum.  Let go of any distractions around you.

Many practitioners and gurus believe that the heart chakra meditation is best done to the accompaniment to soft, rhythmic, uplifting music. Yet others teach the chanting of certain special mantras to try and focus the attention inward and away from material concerns.

Heart chakra meditation techniques require the visualization of energy radiating from the center of the body (heart) outward and towards the other parts of the body. Deep concentration gives way to relaxation and then a slow re-awareness of the world around; a returning to a non-meditative state. You emerge energized and renewed.