Effects of Music Therapy on Depression

According to the studies conducted in the field, music has a deep effect on how your body works. As a result there are a lot of people searching for the effects of music therapy on depression. This kind of therapy is helping the body heal through different kinds of music.

Effects of Music Therapy on Depression

Brain waves and the music therapy effects on depression

According to the research done in the field, the music therapy based on the music that has a strong beat, can make the brainwaves resonate with the rhythm of the music. If the music has a fast beat, it will make you concentrate more and you will become more alert. A slower tempo will calm you down and bring you in a meditative state.

Even more, the music therapy depression effects also include helping the brain shift the levels of brainwave activities easier. These effects are long lasting and with time the brain will be able to make these shifts on its own, even when you’re not listening to music anymore.

Heart rate and breathing

As the brainwaves alternate, changes are brought to the other organs as well. The effects of music therapy on depression can be seen in case of the automatic nervous system that directs the breathing and the heart rate.

As a result, you could have a slower heart rate and slower breathing as a response to the relaxed state of mind. This means that music therapy can fight the effects of chronic stress, promoting health and not only relaxation.

State of mind

The good thing about the effects of music therapy on depression is that it can bring a positive state of mind and it can keep depression and anxiety at bay. As a result, it can prevent the effects of stress in your life and it promotes optimism and creativity on a higher level.

Other benefits

There are some other music therapy results on depression as well. These include lowering the blood pressure, improving the immune system, making muscle tension better and so on. Since it has so many advantages and no disadvantages, it is no wonder that so many people are seeking out to music therapy.

It is interesting to know about the effects of music therapy on depression that you may have already seen the effects without even knowing about them. These can be seen by the music choices that you make in different states of mind.