Essential Oils and Tips to Blend Them

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are natural oils that are obtained by distilling them and they are recognized by their characteristic fragrance of the plant from where they have been extracted. These oils have therapeutic purposes and also help to relax mind and body.

essential oils and tips to blend themWhy do you Need to blend them?

Essential oils can be blended well considering its properties of volatility and viscosity. If you can blend these oils correctly, it will bring a synergistic effect in the solution.

  • The blending sequence of essential oils is very important because the order in which the oil is mixed is also be a factor that decides the properties of the oil.
  • Many people purchase blends that are made professionally; especially the ones that aim at emotional healing. However, these ready to use blended oils are very expensive; Thus it may be a good idea to blend them yourself so that you can save some money.
  • Your children will like the aroma of the essential oils in their morning bath and the therapeutic characteristics will help to keep infections away.
  • These oils bring in a lot of positive energy and keep cough and cold away. So blend them and use them at your will.

Things to Remember While you Blend these Oils

There are quite a few things to remember while you try your hands at blending the oils. Some of them are:

  • Understanding the chemistry of the oil. You will have to take into account the viscosity, volatility and boiling point of the oils that you are mixing. Too much disparity in these characteristics of the oils in concern will ruin the mixture. You will also need to understand the proportions that need to be used to make the final product.
  • Realizing what effect you want out of the result. It is up to you to decide what you want the oil to do. Do you want it for the aroma? Or do you want it to calm your nerves? Or is it because you want to get some good sleep? Ask yourself if you are looking for the perfect blend to get rid of the blocked nose that has been troubling you. Once you have ascertained why you need the oil, make sure that you have the proper constituents. Then go ahead and mix them.
  • Know the sequence. Have you ever worn a lipstick shade that has been a result of mixing two or three shades? If yes, then you will know how important it is apply the shades in the proper order so that you get the desired effect. In the same way you must blend the oils in the proper order or the aroma and the purpose of the oil will be completely ruined.

Essential Oils Cheat Sheet

  • If you are looking for aromatic oils then go for thinner oils. They are less dense and evaporate easily to spread around a nice aroma.
  • For a more calming purpose on your nerves use thicker oils that will hang around you longer.
  • If you want to use these oils in showers or bath, then choose the ones that are lighter as they can be metabolized faster.