Hemorrhoids Alternative Treatment – Natural Tips For Hemorrhoids

A number of over the counter medications are available for treating hemorrhoids; which are the painful, swollen, bulging veins in the area of the anus. A number of factors are responsible for this problem, such as heavy lifting, long period of standing or sitting, poor diet, obesity, pregnancy and anal intercourse.

carrots and broccoli

Temporary relief could be obtained for this problem using creams to numb the pain, or gels to reduce swelling etc. However, to solve the problem rather than get only symptomatic relief the following can be tried:

  • ‘Sitz’ baths where the anal area is soaked in warm water can help to relieve pain as well as kill bacteria.
  • Try not to strain when passing a bowel movement.
  • A high fiber diet with lots of whole grain, salads, and fresh fruit is the best antidote to hemorrhoids. Beans, veggies such as carrots, cabbage, asparagus, corn, broccoli as well as items such as dates and prunes are very good to improve the bowel movement.
  • Good hygiene in the anal area is also a must since it can help to keep bacteria at bay. Use moist toilet paper and soap for reducing the number of bacteria in the area which is responsible for exacerbating the problem.