Home Remedies For Acne That You Can Do On Your Own

Women love to stay beautiful not just to please their lover but to attain the self-confidence that they need to boost their ego.

However, it is not easy to remain on top shape, particularly because the trouble caused by annoying acne is something that normally gets on one’s way.

The sad thing is treatment for acne can hurt one’s budget especially since it is not easy to hire a good dermatologist as of these days.

Well in case you are broke but still would like to get rid of a bunch of red acne on your face, you don’t have to fret because home remedies for acne are what you can use.

Actually, there are different remedies that you can use and the most amazing thing of all is the fact that home remedy for acne are rocking the world of people who would wish to stay beautiful because of the good result that a person can recognize from the use of these natural remedies.

Now in case you are excited to learn about home remedies for acne that you can personally use, get ready to discover your options below:

Orange Power

Grab some oranges, peel off the skin. You will need the skin for this method. Pound them into pieces with a good mortar and pestle.

When you are done, you can apply the result to the affected acne areas. This is a good method to try among home remedies for acne. Plus, you will get the chance to eat the fruit itself.

Sea Salt to Shine

Start the process of this home remedy for acne by boiling half cup water, then carefully add 2 teaspoons of sea salt. Allow the cup to sit still until warm.

When you see that the mixture is warm enough, take cotton ball and submerge it into the mixture. Rub all over your face. Wait for 5 minutes or until the time when the mixture dries up on face before rinsing. This is one of the cheapest among the home remedies for acne.

Herbs are not just for the Stomach

To do this home remedy for acne, grab a handful of basil leaves which you can get from most grocery stores.

Allow these leaves to simmer in 2 cups of water then get the mixture and place it inside a refrigerator to chill. When ready, apply the mixture on the problem area. In using basil for this home remedy for acne, be sure to use the fresh version.

Toothpaste Rules

The easiest among home remedies for acne is to simply apply toothpaste directly to the spot, then wait for about 25 minutes. When toothpaste is applied, expect to feel the burning sensation but this should not cause a worry because it is normal.

Be reminded that these home remedies for acne should be used only after consulting the go signal of a professional. It is worth remembering as well never to touch your face all the time, do not pick on your pimples, and always keep hair away from the face.