Home Remedies for Asthma Treatment

Asthma is an inflammatory condition which happens on the chronic inflammation of the airways. Due to the inflammation, the airways tend to become very narrow, thus causing breathing problems in asthmatics.  Asthma may occur in people at different ages but most commonly it starts in the childhood itself.  The symptoms of this inflammatory disease are the worst during the night and in the early morning hours.

Home Remedies for Asthma TreatmentTo treat these symptoms, there are many over the counter medicines available; but with the help of home remedies for asthma treatment, one can try and reduce the intensity of asthmatic attacks. Let’s read about some of the most effective home remedies for this condition.

Home Remedies for Asthma Treatment


BoswelliaThe use of boswellia may prove to be an effective method for the treatment of asthma.  This herb is found by researchers to be very effective in reducing inflammatory mediators in those individual who are suffering from asthma.  This herb proves even more effective when used along with licorice and turmeric.


SpikenardSpikenard is an herb which can help in reducing the symptoms of asthma and is known to possess several anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties.

Licorice Root

Licorice RootAnother home remedy which can be used for the treatment and cure of asthma is by using licorice root.  This root helps in treating bronchial asthma and has antiviral, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.  People with high blood pressure and kidney or liver diseases must avoid use of this herb.

Yerba Santa

Yerba SantaThis leaves of this plant are considered effective against bronchial asthma and plays the role of an expectorant, bronchial dilator and even has several anti microbial properties. What this herb does is that it helps in the thinning of the mucus in the lungs and these results in the elimination of the mucus from the body of the asthmatic.

Ma Huang

Ma HuangMa Huang has been long known to provide relief to all those who are suffering from asthma. This herb has many other medicinal properties as well and is effective in opening up the airways which in turn promotes free flow of air through the lungs.

Pineapple Extract

Pineapple ExtractPineapple extract contains a compound called bromelain which has many anti inflammatory properties. This compound can help in treating the symptoms of asthma.

Thus with the help of above given home remedies, one can get relief from the problem of asthma.