Home Remedies for Hair Loss – Types of Hair Loss that Can Be Resolved Without Medication

Depending upon the underlying cause for your hair loss, you can effectively use home remedies for hair loss to resolve the issue without resorting to pharmaceutical interventions.

Broadly speaking the most common causes of hair loss and hair fall are heredity, nutritional deficiency, stress or a bereavement, certain kinds of illnesses, poor hair hygiene, and poor blood circulation.

So before attempting to find appropriate home remedies for hair loss it is important to identify what the underlying cause of the hair problem is.

Hair LossFor instance, if it is heredity that is causing a person to lose hair rather early in life, because their parent or grandparent had the same condition, then there is little that one can do to arrest that kind of hair fall.

However for many other kinds of hair loss, home remedies may be very effective indeed-

If your hair loss is caused by poor blood circulation, due to inadequate oxygen reaching the scalp, then two simple home remedies for hair loss will work – incorporate more physical activity into your day – take a brisk walk, bicycle to work, take the stairs, do whatever possible to be more active in a given day and you have a boost in good health as well as the blood circulation to the scalp improve.

Head massage is another simple home remedy for hair fall. Whether dry massaging your scalp, using hot oil or just massaging the scalp when shampooing, they can all make a significant difference.

Certain illnesses can cause hair to fall out. Infections such as the flu and cold can cause hair fall temporarily, also diseases such as syphilis have symptoms such as hair loss. Conditions such as anemia and other prolonged illnesses can also cause hair loss. In most of these cases, resolving the underlying infection or condition can resolve the hair loss issue as well.

Stress or a life changing event can also cause hair loss. Stress can literally cause your hair to fall out and effectively reducing stress in life by prioritizing your day, learning relaxation techniques and working out regularly can be effective home remedies for hair loss as well.

Sometimes it could be a life changing event such as relocating to a different city or job, losing someone important in one’s life, or similar event that could cause hair loss; in most cases this type of hair loss is temporary and will resolve itself with time.

Nutritional deficiencies can also cause hair loss – One could have a specific vitamin or other deficiency, that could be responsible for hair loss, or an overall poor diet that does not contain necessary nutrients may cause hair loss.

In such cases, making diet changes to include more whole grains, fresh fruit and veggies or taking a multivitamin could be easy remedies for hair loss.

Poor scalp hygiene or uncontrolled dandruff could also impact scalp health and hence cause hair loss. More frequent hair washes and taking steps to control dandruff could be effective home remedies for hair loss or hair fall.