Five Home Remedies for Tired Eyes

Long days in front of the computer, late nights out with friends and children disrupting sleep can all mean only one thing – tired-looking and puffy eyes. Dark circles and creases under and around our eyes can make us look older, less healthy and exhausted.

The obvious solution to this issue is to get more sleep, but if our lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to endless early nights (whose does?) then here are a few simple ways you can soothe your tired eyes and bring back your sparkle.

 home remedies for tired eyes

1. Cucumber Therapy

We’ve all seen the images of ladies in spas, relaxing with mud packs and slices of cucumber on their eyes. Although the modern spa might have something a bit more technical going on these days, there is a good reason why the laying on of sliced cucumbers are often associated with eye therapy – it works!

The high water content and the icy cold temperature of a nice thick slice of cucumber is very effective at reducing swelling around the eyes. Make sure your cucumber is well chilled before slicing it up, and put your feet up somewhere for about 10 minutes, or until the cucumber slices have got warm.

2. Tea Treatments

Tea, of all types, is well known as a top relaxant in today’s hectic lifestyles. The antioxidants in tea are great for soothing the eyes and reducing redness and swelling. Simply place used teabags in the freezer to chill for a while,then pop them onto your eyelids for around ten minutes (though check your appearance after, as they can stain the skin).

If you love a cup of herbal from time to time, then these teas are also known to be great for soothing and treating tired eyes. Green tea is super high in antioxidants, and the natural antiseptics in chamomile tea are excellent for soothing eye infections or itchy peepers.

3. Water Wonders

Staying hydrated is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your eyes looking brighter and healthier. When the body is dehydrated, it retains excessive amounts of water in cells, causing bloating, puffiness and swelling. Aim to drink around eight glasses of water every day to help your eyes stay clear, bright and free from puffiness.

4. Strawberry Soothers

Strawberries contain an ingredient called alpha hydroxyl, which is one of the ingredients found in lots of expensive facial creams and moisturisers, so instead of shelling out for expensive synthetic versions, grab some fresh strawberries and get the benefits for a fraction of the price.

This clever ingredient is great at making skin appear smoother and younger looking, and the high water content and chilled nature of fresh-from-the-fridge strawberries will have your eyes looking gorgeous in minutes. Slice them to about half a centimetre thick and place them on your eyes until they feel warm.

5. Marvellous Milk

Cold milk comes highly recommended for clearing up dark circles and reducing swelling of the eyes. Simply place some cotton wool balls in a bowl of ice-cold milk, then lay back and plop them onto your eyelids. Don’t forget to have a good wash after though, or you could smell worse than you look!

With any treatment of the sensitive eye area, it is a good idea to test your tolerance of the ingredients before going ahead. Avoid using any soaps, moisturisers or other cosmetics that have not been specifically developed for the eye area.

If you are suffering with tired and puffy eyes because your contacts are irritating you, companies like Optimax specialise in laser eye surgery which can relieve you of the need to wear contacts or glasses for the rest of your life.

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