How Exercise Is A Natural Stress Buster?

natural stress busterAny one of us who has experienced stress knows how debilitating and harmful stress can be. So how can you manage and lower stress levels, without using drugs and reaping the benefits? By getting active and fitting exercise into your routine. Any sort of exercise can help with lowering stress because –

  • Exercise helps the body produce more endorphins which are also known as the happy hormone. Exercise boosts the brain’s feel good transmitters, and can be brought about by a lovely long walk, a jog or even an energetic game of some sort.
  • Exercise is rather like meditation in motion, which can help you forget the day’s irritations and stressors as you concentrate more on the movements of your body. You are likely to be more optimistic, and have more energy as a result on this, even being able to maintain a calm clarity in your dealings.
  • Mild depression and anxiety are alleviated with regular exercise. It can even improve self confidence. It helps you sleep better, so that you are better rested making you less likely to be disrupted by bad moods. You can achieve greater control over not just your body but also your life.