Kidney Cleansing Made Simple

herbA kidney cleanse is a simple way to detoxify your body. Through a kidney cleanse you will need to drink a large amount of fluids as well as spend a few days with an extremely healthy diet.

For people who suffer from lower back pain and find it is related to kidney problems the presence in the diet of herbs like fresh parsley or ginger is a very good idea.

You can add herbs like hydrangea, marshmallow root, or even gravel root if you know for sure you have kidney stones.

If you are planning on taking the detoxifying diet solely to rid yourself of the stones, then be prepared to follow the diet for at least two weeks.

You will also need to stop drinking tea and coffee altogether. Since your phosphate levels may be high you must avoid eating meat, pasta, cereal, bread and especially carbonated drinks. You will need to increase your intake of milk, fruits and vegetables.

One of the easiest ways to cleanse your kidneys is to do the watermelon cure. People who have diabetes should not consider this cleanse at all. The watermelon cleanse is basically a fruit cleanse that makes you eat watermelon nonstop till you empty your bladder. This is done with musk and other watery melons as well.

If you know for sure that you do not have kidney stones, then doing routine water cleanse can also be of great help. This means you have to drink certain amount of water every few hours.

A kidney cleanse chart can be as follows, but this chart will only work if you follow every instruction as given. It would be pointless trying to maintain a diet if you are going to snack on junk and drink tea or coffee in between. This is a day chart which means you should do it once a week preferably twice.

For the first day, drink around 8oz of warm water as soon as you get up. Within an hour of waking up take around 25 oz of warm water add the juice of one lemon and one lime to it, along with a small pinch of cayenne pepper.

If you like to sweeten it you can add a tablespoon of maple syrup. This is called the Master Cleanse. For breakfast you need to eat something with vitamins and minerals so fruit or raw vegetables are the right choice and a fruit smoothie a very good idea. It is advisable not to combine fruit and vegetable in the same meal.

For lunch, you will need to eat a raw vegetable salad, sprouts and drink vegetable juices. You can use a homemade dressing with any of the following ingredients like olive oil, garlic, herbs/spices, avocado or lemon juice.

Consume anything in the solid form up to five hours before you go to sleep so you have time to digest it.

For dinner, you must only have liquids, and if they are juices they should be diluted. Herbal or green tea is allowed but without any milk.