Natural Remedies For An Itchy Scalp – Part 1

There are many off the shelf remedies for an itchy scalp[scalp massage] or even prescription medications that you can use.

However, the fact that you are reading this post probably means that you want to not use a bunch of chemicals to treat such common ailments and that you are looking for natural remedies to sort out that pesky itchy scalp.

Not only is an itchy scalp uncomfortable, it can be embarrassing as well; with these simple remedies made from items you will find around the house.

Firstly determine what kind of itchy scalp you have (inflamed, with or without crusting etc) and then choose an appropriate remedy:

Fenugreek seeds remedy: Often (but not always) it is dandruff that is the cause of the itchy scalp. Typically in this case there is also at least some amount of flaking that accompanies the itchiness.

If it is dandruff that causes the itchiness, then do the following: soak fenugreek seeds over night in water. This soaking will soften them enough to enable you to grind them to a paste.

This paste prepared should then be applied to the scalp to be left on for about an hour. After one hour, wash it off and shampoo as usual.