Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes

turmericA hot flash or a hot flush is perhaps the most characteristic symptom of menopause, when the face flushes, there is the feeling of strong heat in the body, and there is profuse sweating and the feeling of mild to extreme discomfort.

Some women also experience rapid heartbeat, anxiety, nausea, headache, dizziness, weakness, or a feeling of being suffocated.

While many women may be able to take hot flashes in their stride, many are subject to the kind of severity when having hot flashes that may require medical intervention.

Menopausal women as well as medical practitioners lean more towards a natural or herbal remedy for hot flashes, prior to considering any kind of hormonal treatment.

The woman’s health fitness site lists the following natural remedies for alleviating symptoms of menopause, many of which also aid in relieving hot flashes:

  • Black Cohosh extract;
  • Wild Yam extract;
  • Sage extract;
  • Chaste tree berry extract;
  • Bilberry extract, a powerful antioxidant that treats a variety of disorders;
  • Black Cumin extract;
  • Gotu Kola extract;
  • Mahonia Grape extract;
  • Olive-Leaf extract;
  • Red Clover extract;
  • Turmeric extract;
  • Isoflavones;
  • Ginger extract an effective antibiotic agent and potent antioxidant;
  • Gingko biloba extract which is of course a very famous natural herb for enhancing memory, mental acuity, and focus;
  • Green Tea extract which is also an extremely potent antioxidant that holds promise for many forms of cancer and heart disease;
  • Commiphora Gugulipid extract, an ancient herb from India clinically proven to lower cholesterol safely &;
  • Hawthorne Berry extract, natural herbs noted for its powerful heart health benefits.

In addition, Motherwort has been seen to control the length of severity and the frequency of a hot flash and can also counter sleeplessness and soothe the frazzled nerves and anxiety of a woman undergoing menopause. Licorice root has also been seen to alleviate hot flashes because of its estrogenic properties.

A doctor can also be consulted for a multi vitamin that will help ease menopausal problems.

Some medical practitioners also recommend calcium, magnesium or potassium to help in countering the problems encountered due to menopause.

It is widely recommended that soy should be added to the diet for properties that make it rich in isoflavones, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, folic acid, iron and other vitamins and minerals.

Many homeopathic remedies are seen to be very effective for countering hot flashes and since homeopathy is administered in very small doses and has no side effects, it is also a safe option.

Homeopathic medications like Lachesis, Sepia, Valeriana, Ferrum Metallicum, Sulfuricum Acidum, Sanguinaria, Belladonna have all been seen to alleviate hot flashes in one or another way: by countering problems like heavy perspiration, restlessness, agitation, emotional distress, exhaustion, nausea headache or palpitations.