Natural Remedies For Tooth Pain

I once heard a lady say, I can tolerate the pain of child birth, but not a toothache. This can best signify how difficult a toothache can be to live with. Short of stuffing yourself with artificial pain remedies, what can you do to naturally ease tooth pain?

The Miracle of Clove Oil

Clove has been a traditional and time honored pain reliever for toothaches. You can actually get relief simply by biting down on a whole clove where the tooth ache is, and get near instant relief.

Or you can use clove oil

dip a cotton bud in the oil and apply to the tooth. Use every three hours for pain relief.

Alcohol mouth wash

Take a swig of the most potent alcohol you can find in your house and swish it around your mouth for pain relief.


Known to be an excellent natural anti-inflammatory aid, use turmeric powder mixed with an oil base such as mustard oil. Apply the mixture to the teeth for relieving toothache.

Garlic and Onion

This may not be the best tasting home remedy for toothache, but is seen to work pretty well: chewing a clove of raw garlic or onion for a few minutes in the area of the toothache will help to ease the pain.

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