9 Natural Remedies for Treating Motion Sickness

There is no way a person can completely avoid or prevent motion sickness.  Motion sickness is a common problem faced by many and is an issue in which an individual experiences nausea and uneasiness while sitting in a moving vehicle.

There are several natural remedies through which you can treat this problem and the following are the top 9 natural cures:

natural remedies for treating motion sickness

1. Crackers

Whenever you are going for a long trip, make sure you carry easily digestible crackers or snacks and keep munching them every few hours to prevent vomiting and nausea.  Motion sickness is caused due to an empty stomach and this is a good way to prevent it.

2. Ginger

Ginger is another food which helps in prevention of motion sickness.  You can try having ginger tea before setting out for a trip or can also carry a jar containing this wonderful natural drink to prevent vomiting.


If you start feeling sick, try having a little tea to ease the nausea sensation.  Warm beverages can help a nauseated stomach.  But make sure that you avoid too much of caffeinated beverages.

4. Ice

Try sucking on a few ice chips as this will help to calm down your stomach and prevent the feeling of nausea.

5. Low Fat Foods

Make sure you go for a low fat meal before you head out for the trip.  Low fat foods are good for the stomach and will help you in avoiding falling sick.

6. Apple Juice

Another natural remedy for curing the problem of motion sickness is having apple juice.  You can sip on some apple juice before the start of your journey along with a low fat meal.  Make sure the juice has a little bit of sugar as this can help calm your stomach during the journey.  Infact, if you don’t like apple juice, then any other non-citrus juice will work for the same purpose.

7. Avoid Alcohol

Make sure you do not indulge in having any alcohol before or during your trip or journey.  Alcohol can make you feel unusually full and may cause a feeling of vomiting or nausea.

8. Avoid Reading

Many people like to indulge in reading during a road trip. It is better to avoid reading as this can cause nausea and may result in excessive motion sickness.

9. Get Fresh Air

Try rolling down the window to get some fresh air to ease motion sickness and prevent falling sick.

Photo Credit By: pediatricsnow.com