Natural Treatment for Asthma – What Works and How

Every now and again there is a new therapy that claims to be natural treatment for asthma. But are these treatments really what they claim to be – are they natural, are they effective and are they safe? We look at natural asthma treatments to see what works, to what extent and how safe the treatment is.

Firstly remember that asthma has no ‘cure’. It is a lifelong condition that you can control and manage to the best extent possible. So if there is any treatment for asthma that claims to offer a ‘cure’ you should be wary of it. However there is natural treatment for asthma that can safely and effectively help you manage the condition.

Relaxation remedies

Asthma is known to have emotional triggers. So, managing stress and tensions effectively can help one control the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. Abdominal breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, guided imagery can help.

Diet and lifestyle alteration

Though asthma can be triggered by exercise, active people are known to be at lower risk of asthma. Lowering weight and eating a diet rich in natural, unprocessed produce and making other healthy lifestyle alterations can act as a natural treatment for asthma.

Studies have shown that those who have diet rich in tomatoes, carrots and leafy vegetables have lower incidence of asthma.

Buteyko Breathing Technique

In this alternative treatment, a person is trained to relearn how to breathe. Reduced breathing exercises, breath holding and nasal breathing techniques are taught to the asthmatic to improve symptoms and quality of life.

Omega 3 fatty acids and other supplements

Omega 3 fatty acid supplements with active EPA and DHA are also seen to help manage and control symptoms. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid supplements could also help reduce the severity of asthma attacks; even exercise induced asthma. Vitamin D or flavoniod supplements are also seen to act as natural treatment for asthma.


Biofeedback examines various physiological parameters of a person with a view to try and manipulate them and obtain healing or curative benefits. It can be effective in treating asthma as well in some cases.

Herbal natural treatment for asthma

Herbal remedies such as butterbur could reduce muscle spasms and may also reduce inflammation. Boswellia, the Ayurvedic herb of Salai Guggal could help prevent narrowing of airways. Bromelain or pineapple extract is also known to have anti inflammatory properties. Gingko herbal remedies could also help.