Salt – Natural Cure For Depression

saltSalt could possibly be linked to curing depression.

Recent studies have shown that salt triggers the mind to release a pleasurable response, thus relieving any depression that you are suffering.

You are often told that too much sodium in the body is harmful; however, if you do not eat salt your body will crave it.

Salt contains nutrients and minerals vital to the body’s functioning and keeps it healthy.

When we eat salt, our brain lets us know that it is great because we feel delight and pleasure in it. This pleasure also shuts off any depression.

In relation, the lessened consumption of salt can affect a person’s mood and can cause worry and concern.

Today many people who suffer from depression are given a number of drugs that inhibit the brain from producing stress hormones or stimulate the brain to produce “feel-good” hormones.

Everyday people turn away from natural cures and go towards manufactured cures. These antidepressant drugs can seriously inhibit someone’s normal day-to-day functioning. People often feel like they are sleep walking through life.

However, studies have shown that natural salt can do the same work that antidepressant drugs do, without the feeling as if you were stumbling around, unable to concentrate and take joy in life.

Right in your cupboard there is a natural antidepressant. Salt has been shown in studies to increase the participant’s attention and speed of reaction.

Salt has also been shown to elevate mood, and you know this when you eat a bag of salty potato chips, because you feel better afterwards.

The lack of salt, however, increases anxiety and tension. Salt intake creates a state of mind related to freed inhibition and abandonment. It makes you feel pleasurable and as if you were free to do anything.

Depression and bad mood can be linked to not having enough salt because it is shown that salt stimulates brain reaction, while lessened salt intake shows less brain activity.

Remember that, although it can help with depression, salt can also cause health problems and damage the body.

High blood pressure has been caused by salt, but in a regular diet, can abate any depression and increases our stimulation and attention. Increased salt intake should be carefully monitored and the raise in salt consumption should be discussed with your doctor.

Although salt may cure depression, too much can harm you, always use caution when trying new diets or cures. The type of salt may be a factor as well. Table salt contains less nutrients and minerals than sea salts that have not been processed.