The Bael Fruit And Its Curative Properties

Nature is constantly yielding its bounty of natural medicine to the adroit seeker and the bael fruit is no different. The bael fruit, native to certain parts of Asia is now seen to have several medicinal and curative properties.

Whereas it is used in a number of religious rituals in countries such as India, it is also used in traditional medicine such as Ayurveda for its many medicinal properties:

  • When not ripe, the fruit has astringent properties which can help to contend with common stomach ailments and also improves appetite.
  • It is a good source of vitamin C and can therefore guard against a number of problems.
  • The ripe fruit, when consumed is seen to have a beneficial effect on constipation since it is seen to have a cleansing impact on the intestines ridding it of accumulated fecal matter.
  • Dried bael powder can cure diarrhea. Even dysentery or certain other kinds of intestinal infections are seen to be soothed by this fruit.
  • Because of the property of viscosity that it has it is seen to sooth stomach ulcers and balance the mucus found in the stomach.
  • Even chronic colds and other recurrent infections of the respiratory tract can be soothed with the bael fruit.