The Therapeutic Uses of Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Essential oils refer to volatile aroma compounds extracted from plants and rose geranium essential oil is one of the commonly used types of essential oil.

Specific extraction and distillation processes are used for obtaining essential oils, each of which has different properties and therapeutic uses.

What is rose geranium essential oil?

This essential oil is different from geranium essential oil. Rose geranium refers to extractions from the Pelargonium graveolens plant, which has a rosier smell. Geranium essential oil refers to extracts of the Pelargonium odorantissimum plant which is known to have a more lemon or apple like smell.

Rose Geranium Essential OilIt has a floral, sweetish, rosy smell and may have a slight minty overtone. This oil has a thin, watery consistency and could be colorless or may have a greenish or yellowish tint.

This essential oil can be used in vaporizers or diffusers, as bath oil, in a lotion or cream form or even in shampoo.

What are the therapeutic uses of rose geranium essential oil?

This oil is used for relieving anxiety and mood disorders. It is thought to affect the nervous system to lift the spirits and improve the mood by helping to balance the adrenal cortex and lowering stress.

The oil is also thought to have the effect of detoxifying the body. It is also claimed that it can help redress hormonal imbalances within the body and stimulate the lymphatic system.

In particular it could help to relieve the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual stress) and help control heavy bleeding and vaginal secretions. This hormonal balancing ability of the oil is also thought to help control symptoms of menopause.

Rose geranium essential oil is seen to be a gentle diuretic, helping flush the body of waste and resolve problems of fluid retention.

Its natural antiseptic properties can help to relieve skin problems such as eczema, shingles, acne etc when used in lotion or cream form. It can also help in the healing process and wounds, burns, and bruises could heal faster.

It can even help conditions such as head lice when used in shampoos and ringworm when used as creams.

Contraindications of rose geranium essential oil

Though rose geranium oil is mild and non-toxic, it could cause some allergic reactions in sensitive people. It is also contraindicated during pregnancy because of its hormone altering properties. It is best to use this oil therapy only after consulting with a medical or aroma therapist.