Top 9 Home Remedies for Post Nasal Drip (PND)

PND or Post-nasal drip mainly happens when the mucus is accumulated in the back of the throat and nose.  It is not a serious problem, but you may have few symptoms such excessive mucus production. In this article, you will know what causes post nasal drip and simple home remedies for PND.

Causes Post Nasal Drip

The nose produces large amounts of mucus in the inner nose to clean the nose from foreign particles and infections. PND caused by many conditions which include.

  • Inflammation of the sinuses
  • Viral infections such as the common cold
  • A runny nose that may be acute or chronic rhinitis
  • Caused by allergies, or any other bacterial infections
  • Reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

    Top 9 Home Remedies for Post Nasal Drip (PND)

Get Rid of Post Nasal Drip by 10 Home Remedies

  1. Saltwater
    Dissolves half a teaspoon of salt in warm water, use it to the garage at least 2-3 times a day. Remember to keep this habit even when post nasal drip is over. It will protect you from many coming health problems.
  2. Garlic
    You can simply chew garlic raw several times on a daily basis. If not possible mix roasted garlic with clarified butter of one teaspoon in one minute. Then consume them along with warm milk.
  3. Lemon
    Get fresh juice by squeezing half a lemon mix it with a glass of water. You can use raw honey to have better taste. Consume it every morning before you eat anything. Besides, lemon juice can be used as an additional part of green or black tea. The effects are the same.
  4. Cayenne pepper
    combine cayenne’s pepper half spoon with raw honey. Consume the mixture on a daily basis or simply increase the time at which you use cayenne pepper in cooking every day.
  5. Fenugreek
    You are free to use its powder or extracts in cooking every day so as to quicken the post nasal drip treatment.
  6. Anise seeds
    Prepare these ingredients. Ground anise seeds ginger black pepper and honey. Mix all of them with equal amounts. Then, consume half a spoon of the mixture on a daily basis. This method should be done before meals. If it is difficult to find all of them, you can also use the tea made from boiling anise seeds in water.
  7. Barberry
    Mix dried barberry root about 4 grams into the hot water well. Consume the tea when it is warm.
  8. Black pepper
    if you want to remove mucus and stop post nasal drip quickly try adding it in your daily diet and the results will be as fast as another post nasal drip treatment.
  9. Indian Gooseberry
    Get Indian gooseberry or amla, black pepper, and honey with one teaspoon for each of them. Mix them together in warm water. Drink it once per day. The most important thing in this post nasal drip relief is that you have to follow it continuously with a month.
  10. Lavender
    For an instant relief of post nasal drip put one from of lavender on your thumb and press to the roof of your mouth for 30 seconds.

All these above are simple and inexpensive home remedies, which you can try to alleviate post-nasal drip. If the symptoms of post nasal drip don’t reduce, take an appointment with your doctor and explain about the problem. A proper diagnosis and medication can help you to get rid of post-nasal drip.