The Basics of Feng Shui for your Home

Feng shui translates as wind water. It is the ancient Chinese principle of creating a harmonious balance of energies in any given space. The main principles of feng shui revolve around color and the five elements that are earth, wood, fire, water and metal and how they interact together to encourage well being, health and good fortune, creating a positive atmosphere in the home.

The Basics of Feng Shui for your home

Colour indicates Traditional meaning

  • Wood indicates growth and creativity
  • Fire indicates transformation and expansion
  • Earth indicates grounding and stability
  • Metal indicates mental powers and sharpness
  • Water indicates release and renewal.

Bagua map

Bagua quadrants show what influences each area of your home should reflect. Using this simple tool can help you vastly improve the feng shui of your home.

  • Step One

Draw out the floor plan of your home so that the door is at the bottom of the page.

  • Step two

Using a ruler divide the floor plan into nine equal sections.

  • Step three

Lay the bark over the floor plan so that the front door is in the blue-black or gray section on the map.

The Map

  • Wealth- blue purple-red (wood element)
  • Fame- red (fire element)
  • Marriage- Red pink white (earth element)
  • Family- green (wood element)
  • Health – yellow orange-brown
  • Children- white mental element
  • Mind- black blue green (earth element)
  • Career- black (water element)
  • Travel0 white gray-black (mental element)

Room tips

While you should try to abide by the Bagua principles when choosing colors and influences here are many genera; tips for each room that can improve your feng shui and maximize the energy flow in your home.

Living room

  • Light- Try to have as much natural light in your living room as possible. Big window, no heavy curtains.
  • Sofa- Choose a sofa with legs to promote energy flow.
  • Live- encourage liveliness with living plants.


  • Bed- avoids beds with no open spaces underneath and gets rid of underneath storage to promote energy flow as you sleep.
  • Placement- your bed should never face the door position your bed accordingly.
  • No tech- Try not to have electrical equipment in the bedroom.

Home Office

  • Desk- place yourself in the power position, you should be able to see the door from your desk and never face a wall.
  • Mirror- Never hang a mirror in your home office as it will reflect negativity work energy.
  • Crystal – Hanging a crystal in the northeast area of your office will bring in new opportunities.


  • Dishes- Never leave out dirty dishes on your counters. Cluster and untidiness drain energy from the room.
  • Grow – Add freshness and vibrant energy that connects you to nature.
  • Lights- Encourage positive energy by layering several types of light fixtures.

Dining room

  • Use multiple fabrics in the dining room to absorb sound and promote intimacy
  • Table- a round or oval-shaped table is best for your dining room; avoid sharp corners as much as possible.
  • Doors- having double doors into your dining room promotes a positive flow of energy.