Use of Reflexology for Reducing Hair Fall

Losing a few strands of hair is normal for everyone as hair fall is a part of the normal hair growth cycle but falling off of hair more than the usual amount is a matter of worry and must be treated immediately.

There can be several reasons for hair fall and some of them include hormonal changes, poor diet, hereditary reasons, dandruff and even prescribed medicines.

Whatever your hair fall reason may be, it can be reduced by using reflexology. Reflexology deals with certain pressure points which can stimulate the hair growth process and prevent hair fall.

Reflexology is a natural process and leads to better blood circulation of the scalp and thereby better hair strength and growth. There are several techniques of reflexology which can be used to reduce hair fall and they are given as follows:


Stimulating the Paihui

By stimulating the paihui, hair growth can be made possible. Paihui is located at the middle of the scalp and massaging this part of the scalp for 5 minute everyday can really be of help.

For massaging, you can place the fingers of your right hand on the middle of the scalp and push them in the vertical direction. The massage must be soothing and soft for results to show.

Massaging the Head

Another technique of reflexology that can reduce hair fall by promoting hair growth is massaging the head. You can massage your entire head with your fingers, starting from the paihui and then moving to the other parts in circular motions.

This movement will improve the blood circulation and will relax the head muscles.

Hair Massage

Another way to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth is by massaging the hair. Head massage is surely very beneficial but so is hair massage, in which you will need to be a little more careful.

To do hair massage, take a few strands of your hair and then twirl them around your finger. After this, just pull this hair gently and cover the rest of the hair like this.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Even neck and shoulder massage can help to reduce hair fall. For this, you will need to concentrate on one of the most important pressure point in your body-the hollow point which is located on the neck above the hairline.

To massage this point, you need to press it for about 5 minutes. As you release the point slowly, you will notice stimulation of mind and body.

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