Alleviate Foot Problems With Foot Reflexology!

foot reflexologyAre you in search of a therapy that gives total relaxation and refreshment?

Then, consider Foot reflexology, the therapy that aims in increasing your blood circulation, promoting the release of endorphins and stimulating the nerves with the application of pressure in certain areas.

Reflexology gives multiple benefits like, relaxation, refreshment, stress reduction, recovery of body’s energy and improved blood circulation.

What happens during the session?

During the reflexology session, firstly the reflexologist places your feet in warm water to cleanse, relax and soften your feet.

Then, the reflexologist uses his thumbs to apply pressure on the particular points on the sole of the foot that are connected with different parts of your body’s organs.

During the reflexology session, massaging the feet helps to break up the uric acid crystals that are developed in your feet thus reducing the gout and offering good blood supply to the areas.

This process allows the tissues to become fully oxygenated so that they may become more functional.

Not only foot problems, but headaches, back pain, sinus congestion and other health problems can be relieved by this technique as well.

The theories behind reflexology states that the stress and tension developed in your body can be suspended with the application of pressure to various nerves held in your feet.

Usually, reflexology session lasts for 30 minutes to an hour. So, choose an experienced reflexologist and be certain that you made proper research before going to a doctor for consultations and advices.