Foot Reflexology Is Simple And Easy Massage For Relaxation!

Foot ReflexologyFoot Reflexology is a type of foot massage. This massage involves special strokes on the foot by which you can feel good.

Foot Reflexology not only relaxes foot but also provide relaxed feeling for the whole body. This will improve your health and wellbeing.

Reflexology is used alongside conventional medical care but not as a replacement.

Practicing this therapy will stimulate the nerves of hands, feet, ears and has beneficial effect on other parts and it will help in improving your health condition.

When this practice is applied on your feet, then it is called as Foot Reflexology.

Foot reflexology is performed on the parts of the body where you suffer from general fractures.

Foot Reflexology will not support diagnosis and medicinal drugs, but this therapy mainly focuses on the imbalances of the life energy. This is safe and efficient treatment.

Foot Reflexology is performed in the following way:

When you apply pressure on the feet, then signal is sent through peripheral nervous system. From this, the signal is sent to central nervous system. Then the signal is transmitted to the internal organs to adjust energy and oxygen to the applied pressure.

Then the response is sent to motor system. This is done to adjust the body’s tension level. When this process is correctly performed, then it will help you to minimize your stress and wear and tear of parts in your body.

You undergo following conditions when you are taking the treatment:

  • You can feel that your body temperature is slowly reducing and you can feel yawning or sleepy.
  • You can feel tingling sensation.
  • You can feel tiredness.

When the treatment is completed, you can feel following conditions:

  • You can feel that your stress has been reduced.
  • You can feel deep relaxation after this treatment.
  • Your body will improve the circulation.
  • The dynamic state of your body is balanced.
  • Your energy will be restored.

You can also follow self reflexology in your own place:

You can use rollers for self reflexology. Socks printed with reflex zone foot maps are available for performing this treatment your self and for locating the appropriate areas to locate where the pressure has to be applied. These socks are developed based on the reflexology.

You can practice this self reflexology even if you are pregnant or in chronic conditions. If you want the massage in that instant itself, then your blood circulation increases and it will help you to get healed from any type of pains.

If you suffer from bed wetting, hiccups, headaches, depression, allergies and back pains then you can take foot reflexology treatment. Foot reflexology massage will help in providing good health.