Some Remarkable Reflexology Statistics

reflexologyThe alternative therapy of reflexology is based on the manipulation of specific pressure points of the body to produce a positive impact in other, corresponding areas of the body.

And though many treat this system of healing with skepticism, there are some remarkable statistics in connection with reflexology:

  • There are several thousand nerve endings in the feet that can help to relieve stresses and pain in other parts of the body since different nerve endings correspond to different parts of the body.
  • Reflexology is able to produce a soothing feeling, or in some cases even an anesthetic impact which helps to manage pain.
  • As many as 85% of illnesses are contributed to by stress according to the American Medical Association and reflexology can help to contend with a number of those.
  • In a Chinese study, 50% success with reflexology was seen with respect to 20,000 documented cases of patients using it.
  • The demand for reflexology treatment and other CAM treatments is growing in the United States. 117 out of 125 medical schools offer CAM therapy courses.

With the number of doctors offering reflexology treatments, it is likely that there is one close to where you stay. Consider paying them a visit to see if your ailments can get help; after all you have nothing to lose but your pain!