Reiki to Treat Stress and Depression

Reiki is an ancient healing procedure where pain or ailments are treated by using touch therapy. It has been claimed that Reiki plays an important part in dealing with mental problems such as stress and depression. This might sound odd to some people but there are a few researches that have been conducted on the effectiveness of Reiki in lowering stress and depression. Let us then see how Reiki works in reducing such problems as well as its effectiveness in treating such disorders.

reiki to treat stress and depression

Reiki: The Healing Touch for the Stressed and Depressed

Various researches on Reiki’s ability to heal have been conducted by various researchers and institutes. Some studies had also been done about the effectiveness of this process on animals in order to rule out the biased ideas that were found with the sample results from human beings.  The degree of success might have varied, but there are more positive outcomes than negative ones. Here are a few of the findings.

  • In a study conducted on the animals whose report was published in 2008, it was seen that there was a definite reduction in the rate of stress among these animals, measured by their heart rates and other physiological conditions.
  • A study was conducted on nurses who showed “burn out syndromes” and they were given Reiki as part of healing process. There was steady signs of relaxation, claimed a report published on it in 2011.

How can Reiki Help in Relieving Stress?

Stress is a kind of mental disorder caused by hormonal imbalance in human body. It has been stated that touch therapy or Reiki is useful in treating such problems. Let us see how it works

  • According to traditional belief there are various ‘chakras’ in our bodies. The root ‘chakra’ related to the physical will of humans is located in the center of the body or spine. If this root chakra loose balance, it leads to a stress throughout your body.
  • The second chakra is situated on the naval and if it is not functioning properly, it may lead to low self esteem and other such problems in a person.
  • The third chakra can be found just above the naval area in the rib cages. If this chakra does not function properly, then the person may suffer from mood swings and loose interest in general.

It has been found that the healer can recognize the imbalance in the chakras from the colors of the aura of the person. By touching the regions of chakra, the reiki expert restores the balance in these chakras. The hands of the practitioner transfers energy into the person undergoing the healing process. This is how Reiki can work to bring peace and calm a person under stress or depression.

Reiki sessions from the very initial period rejuvenate the person. It does not have harmful effects like anti depressants, and works quickly as well. Practicing Reiki has also been found beneficial in children; they learn to focus, practice kindness, develop self awareness, stay relaxed and stress free.